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You might have been there too...

You purchase a program promising you everything you believe you need to move your business forward or take it to new heights.

The coach is digging at your pain points, giving you a-ha! Moments every three seconds on her Instagram story, and really proving to you that she knows her sh*t.

So you bite the bullet and tell yourself that this course is going to get you to those $10K months and uncover a whole new world of strategy you never knew existed.

Then BAM. You get the course, and total letdown.

As soon as you submit your payment and log in to her course portal, you’re underwhelmed.

And then you open Module 1 to find her sharing her “secrets” which is just an extension of what she talked about already on her Instagram stories.

So you tough it out through a few more lengthy videos of her talking head, hoping to get to the “good stuff” that will move your business forward.

You made some notes but decide to move on to some other stuff because you need to focus on really making money, and the course gets filed away in the abyss of the internet and lost logins.

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You will likely never invest in her again - nor will others.

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Your business did not move forward at all, which somehow makes you question yourself after your bad experience.

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You're now worried your clients will feel the same about your courses.

Here's the good news...

You can avoid being "that girl" by following a proven and simple way to create transformational, just-what-your-clients-need, begging-you-for-more courses.

If creating a course makes you feel...

☾ Overwhelmed on where to start and how to *properly* structure an incredible course
☾ Confused about how to implement and what technology to use
☾ Worried that your courses won't truly help your clients change their behaviors or take action [which subconsciously hurts you when you're trying to sell]
☾ Scattered because you want to create a "signature course" but you're not sure what that even looks like.
☾ Frustrated because you're more of a "big picture visionary" kind of entrepreneur and having to worry about the details when you're not even sure what you're doing is making you procrastinate.
☾ Doubtful of your business because you knew you wanted to incorporate courses to scale but you're putting it off because it seems like too much work right now.
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This is the perfect, step-by-step, no fluff, I-promise-you-won't-feel-catfished course just for you.


Now let's imagine this...

You decide to take the leap and enroll in The Course Alchemist.

You take the modules one-by-one, apply the steps and the tools, and before you know it... you've whipped up a course that truly reflects what you do.

You know deep down in your soul that this is going to be the answer to what so many people need.

You've never felt so aligned and proud before.

This is something you know you're going to offer again and again, and actually be able to use this to scale your business.

It's time to launch.

But this time it is different- you're not wavering or *hoping* this is what your clients expect.
You know it.

The launch is going so well... and weirdly enough it's FUN because of how you feel about your product.

Your new clients begin to take your course, and they're blown away already in the first five minutes.

Your launch isn't even done yet, but these client testimonials are pouring in and attracting new leads.

Those people are telling their friends.

People are already asking about other ways to work with you.

Why is this happening?

Because you took the time to do it right, and now your business is becoming everything you wanted it to be.

Ready to make this story become a memory?


I'm in!



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I am giving you exactly what you need using my signature and proven step-by-step methodology. No more, no less. From analysis to design through evaluation, your courses will become the exact solution your ideal clients need with the transformation they're looking for.

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In addition to the CODE framework, you will have access to my exclusive resources that I have refined and used over the last decade that I have been creating courses. These tools will help you enhance your productivity and efficiency when it comes to course creation.

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Now that you've created the course of your clients' dreams, knowing how to market your course and share it with the masses is crucial. This includes bonus lessons from the Five-Figure Launch Queen herself, Taylor Slango.


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Becoming A Course Alchemist

Incorporating courses into your product suite

This module covers the purpose of courses within your product suite and how you will utilize my signature framework, The CODE to Course Creation to create high-impact courses. You will also learn how to utilize adult learning principles to sell your course and help your learners retain their knowledge better.

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Conduct Analysis

Making sure your course will sell & transform

Doing a proper analysis is one of the most important steps to building a successful course that most entrepreneurs skip. In this module, I will give you the no-fluff steps to conducting a comprehensive and rapid analysis.

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Outline the Framework

Creating your signature framework & course outline

As course creators, we need to curate our expertise into a simple, digestible, and simple framework that makes us 100% confident our learners will get the results we promised.  This module is all about how to create a signature framework and develop the outline for your course.

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Develop the Course

Developing a polished, automated and binge-worthy course.

You will learn my tips and tricks for developing engaging and high-quality courses. I am also giving you my recommendations for setting up your course system (as a simple, free system or through a course platform) and how to automate support for your learners, even if it is a 100% self-led course.

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Execute & Evaluate

Launching your course the right way & making it even better for next time.

This course features a bonus lesson from the five-figure launch queen herself, Taylor Slango. In addition to launching, we will cover how to evaluate your course effectiveness and make future updates to re-launch your course again and again.


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The Course Pricing Tool

Never second guess the price of your course-based offers ever again

You will gain access to my proprietary course pricing formula to help you eliminate the hours spent agonizing over the price of your offer. This tool can be used for ANY program that has a course at it's core and has been used by dozens of entrepreneurs. "This tool is legit" just about covers it.

valued at $97

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The Five-Figure Flow Launch Strategy

The Launch Queen herself, Taylor Slango, is spilling her launch secrets with 2 bonus lessons

You will have access to her effective sales strategy and Five Figure Flow Launch formula that has helped her launch and make no less than five figures every single time. These two lessons are taken from her signature launch program, Five Figure Flow.

valued at $497

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The Launch Planner Tool

Stay organized for your launch using my Launch Planner Tool

As Taylor covers in her lessons, launching and sales don't need to be hard. You will have access to my Launch Planner, which will help you keep your launch simple when it comes to designing your course, planning your social media, and of course, planning your launch!

valued at $97

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How to Choose a Pre-Launch Training Topic

This bonus masterclass will help you determine the best way to kick off your course launch.

Having an effective pre-launch event can make or break your sales and this masterclass covers the exact process I use for determining how I want to kick off the launch for every single program I have. 

valued at $197

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Launch Your Course with Kajabi (A B.T.S. Look at my Account!)

You will be granted an entire mini-course showing you how to set up your course in Kajabi.

Kajabi is my absolute go-to when it comes to business tools. I use it for my website, sales pages (like this one!), my emails, and of course, my courses! This mini-course will include step-by-step video lessons on how you can use Kajabi to house and launch your course.

valued at $797

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Hey Dreamer!

In case we haven't met yet, I am pretty much the mystical unicorn of the entrepreneurial space. I am a course designer to six and seven-figure entrepreneurs that could use a magical hand to design binge-worthy courses that make their clients come back for more.

I have a decade of experience designing jaw-dropping professional and leadership development programs for Fortune 50 companies, non-profit organizations, small businesses, keynote speakers and entrepreneurs.

I created one of the very first practical uses of virtual reality in a training environment, coached c-suite executive leaders of large organizations, and designed certification programs to help people learn skills in an creative and not-so-boring way.

Essentially, I help you take your expertise and ideas and turn them into profitable, dreamy courses.

Cool, right? I think so.

This course was created to help the everyday entrepreneur transform their expertise into something their audience wants to binge.

Get ready to make some magic! -Ariel


The Course Alchemist is all you need to:

☾ Design courses in the most efficient way (use less of your time + create better content)

☾ Give your clients a course that provides REAL, high level transformation (and amazing testimonials for you)

☾ Have courses that become truly signature and a part of your reputation

☾ Have your clients coming back for more of what you offer

Are you in?

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